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that laugh though


remember back in 2013 when literally everything was either OFF or dangan ronpa for a good four months


I took this screenshot like 10 years ago and its brilliance still makes me laugh my ass off


I took this screenshot like 10 years ago and its brilliance still makes me laugh my ass off











Please stop talking about how “bad”, “wrong”, “dangerous” or “stupid” it is when people self-diagnose, especially in regard to mental illness.

Let’s go over the reasons this is fucked up, problematic and oppressive.

1. Classism. Psychiatric and other types of evaluations…

Shit like this is what pisses me off the most about these special snowflakes: the way they look at marginalised groups and minorities and think “OMG, that looks like fun, I wana be oppressed too, I bet this will get me tons of likes on tumblr wooppeeeeeeeee!” Then when they are not validated based on nothing more then their own wishful thinking, they stamp their foot and screech and pout, and actually work to dislodge those marginalised groups from their own damn movements and demand prioritisation: you seee it with girlfags and gay men, transtrenders such as demigirls and crossdreamers calling trans people “truscum” and with self-diagnosed little brats such as OP doing here.  You know what?  Fuck this shit, these selfish little brats need to be put in their place. 

"Please stop talking about how “bad”, “wrong”, “dangerous” or “stupid” it is when people self-diagnose, especially in regard to mental illness. ”

"Let’s go over the reasons this is fucked up, problematic andoppressive.”

Let’s go over the fact that all three of those words are now just meaningless buzzwords pretentious, entitled little snots such as yourself will simply parrot whenever you don’t have a leg to stand on so you sound important. 

"1. Classism. Psychiatric and other types of evaluations are really fucking expensive, and often inaccessible. The last psych eval I had cost me $500. Anything involving neurology? Costs a SHIT TON more. Not to mention, services that are available to the poor are typically of low quality."

And? What does self-diagnosis do?  Listen, actual MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS are not allowed to diagnose themselves.  You can screech “classism” as much as you want.   If you can’t pay for med school, that sucks but guess what?  It doesn’t give you the right to set up a clinic and start treating people or performing surgery on them.  You are not a professional.   Being poor doesn’t grant you the ability to diagnose yourself based on the internet.  Also, your America-centrism is showing: I was diagnosed with asperger’s and dyspraxia at the age of five: it was done on the NHS.  If I didn’t have the NHS, I wouldn’t have got my diagnosis.  And guess what?  If it wasn’t covered by the NHS, my family couldn’t have afforded it: it got worse as an adult, where I received next to no help, and spent several years rotting in a “specialist” school for people like me, run by a real life Dolores Umbridge.   What on earth does your last point have anything to do with being a defence for self-diagnosis?  Families from poor background receive inferior care for diagnosed relatives and children because of a lack of funds…. yet somehow that proves self-diagnosis is important?  Let me tell you something else.   Lets say self-diagnosis was accepted: guess what you would be doing?  You would be depriving support, funds and care from underprivileged people who actually HAVE the conditions to people who only MIGHT have them, and probably don’t.  Please don’t use us working class autistics and disableds as your props, when you have just made it abunduntly clear how much you don’t give a rat’s ass about us.  

The only thing self-diagnosis grants you, is validation on the internet from other teenagers.  Self-diagnosis grants you nothing: no ability to apply for grants or equipment, no ability to enter support groups, no specialist care.  Nothing.  

"2. It dis-empowers people with disabilities by establishing doctors as the ultimate authorities on our own experiences.”

Translation: my opinions are more important then your expertise in neurological science and its PROBLEMATIC to say otherwise. 

 ”No matter how well we may know ourselves, a doctor supposedly will know better.”

So, you admit you’re a hypochondriac? 

"Because they are a doctor."

Yes, someone who has spent most of their adult life studying the human brain and treating people tends to know more neurological sciences then someone whose read wikipedia or taken quizzes on facebook.   Are you REALLY trying to make argue against that?  

|(And treating someone as an authority simply because they have the privilege of a formal education is classist and ableist.)”

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME.   Do you want to queef out anymore buzzwords you pretentious twit?   Assuming someone who has a degree in studying something and has years of experience in the field has more knowledge on something is “ableist and classist”?  You’re actually saying that people with disabilities are incapable of pursuing further education?  That poor people with potential can’t get scholarships?   Not just that, I’m going to turn that right back at you: assuming someone is an authority on autism because they have the privilege of sitting around all day behind a computer getting offended over inanities is ableist and classist. 

"3. The entire psychiatric system is still really oppressive to people with disabilities, who can become institutionalized against their will."

So in other words, you want the praise and validation that supposedly comes with having a disability, but don’t want to have to deal with the reality of what many disabled people go through?  What a surprise. 

"A lot of people understandably do not trust doctors or are afraid to pursue treatment. Forcing people to see a doctor to obtain a “real” diagnosis is ignoring this reality."

So in other words, you want people who actually do have undiagnosed mental illnesses to not receive treatment they might actually desperately need (forced institutionalisation is generally a very drastic and last resort) because of paranoia.   Can you not see how absolutely how STUPID that is?  You are literally encouraging people who may have any manner of undiagnosed mental illnesses to refuse professional treatment they might need.   Shut up. 

4. Psychiatry and the medical establishment are also very oppressive towards people who are marginalized in other ways.

"The fact that trans people can still be diagnosed as mentally illfor being trans is only one example of this.”

Actually that diagnosis means they could have an easier time getting and affording the gender reassignment they need: if gender dysphoria is not a mental illness: why do so many trans people experience so much mental and emotional anguish from being born in the wrong body, which gender reassignment surgery and care is meant to solve? 

"People who are out of status could risk deportation for seeking help. Etc."

That’s too bad.  If they are mentally unwell, then suffering in silence is not an option: they will either have to try and apply for citizenship or try to seek care in their own country, or may be need to apply for asylum if they are incapable of receiving that care in their own nation.  

"5. Doctors often disagree with each other. Doctors misdiagnose and prescribe medication that can aggravate an illness."

You’re defending self-diagnosis by claiming doctors can misdiagnose?  And the hypocrisy award goes to… guess what?  If you self-diagnose and misdiagnose yourself, you will fail to receive treatment for a condition you have, will rely on useless remedies or techniques (that might actually make things worse) and more.   

"Doctors frequently make mistakes."

And teenagers with no medical experience never do? 

"Teaching people that their own instincts are wrong if a doctor disagrees with them can bereally goddamn dangerous.”

Teaching people that their own instincts and emotions are an excellent alternative to the advice of medical professionals IS REALLY GODDAM DANGEROUS TOO.

"Like, taking the wrong medication due to misdiagnosis can result in death, okay? Serious shit."

So you propose no care or medicine in case of a misdiagnosis and that your own sense of self-satisfaction that comes with self-diagnosis is good enough? 

"If your problem is with people trivializing illness, then say so.”

We say that all the time.  You people don’t give a flying fuck and just want to be disabled because you seem to think it’s a fun little fashion accessory. 

"That’s not the same as self-diagnosis, which does not inherently trivialize anything."

You can stamp your foot and pout as much as you want, the fact that you seem to think looking at the internet and saying oh golly gosh those symptoms sound like me yup I have that condition everyone better treat me as such or you are classist and abelist is trivialising mental illness and making a mockery of the mental healthcare system. 

"A lot of people consider self-diagnosis to be liberating, empowering, and extremely important, myself included."

So in other words, as long as your egos feel satiated, nothing else matters, right? 

"Don’t tell us how we are “supposed” to seek treatment, especially when it involves a system that is fundamentally flawed, largely inaccessible, and overwhelmingly oppressive."

The fact that you think self-diagnosis is as valid and important as professional diagnosis and that any teenager reading symptoms on the internet and deciding that sounds like them is as valid as a medical professional who has spent years studying mental disabilities 

shows you don’t have 

the slightest fucking idea what you are talking about.


Oh my god. That smack down. I’m spent.

this was an Important and not at all wasteful use of my time


Sooo these are my Red Team headcanons. 

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